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PicBooths Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below will set an agreement between the hire provider and the customer for the hire of equipment and services. This written contact is the full written intention for both parties and supersedes all other written/oral agreements between the hire provider and the customer.

Quotes, Deposits, and Payments

All quotes made by PicBooths are valid for 28 days and are subject to availability. We do not hold dates without a completed booking form. Once the booking form is returned and the invoice issued you have 7 days to pay the deposit to confirm the booking. If the deposit is not received the photo booth and date will be freed up for other enquiries.

Final Balance: Payment must be received 30 days prior to delivery of our service, either via bank transfer, credit or debit card payment or PayPal. Failure to receive the outstanding balance 30 days prior could result in the non-completion of the hire.


The price of the photo booth hire is correct at the time of booking with PicBooths and is subject to change at any time.

Space and Access

Our photo booths can only be used indoors or inside a totally waterproof marquee that has a solid floor. Between 1st October and 1st May marquees must be heated. We cannot set our booths up under garden gazebos or similar.

The photo booth will need a minimum overall operating area of 9x7ft with a height clearance of 6ft 10in. This space allows room for people to enter and exit the booth.

If the venue is not on the ground floor lift access must be provided as we are unable to move the equipment up more than three consecutive steps. The lift must have sufficient space for a 5ft long x wide 2ft flightcase.

We must be able to get the van delivering the photo booth to within 50ft of the venue entrance.

It is essential that the above requirements are met as without we’d be unable to complete the booking but the hire fee would remain payable.

What if we decide to cancel our booking?

In the event of cancellation by the client, the following cancellation fees will apply:

More than 90 days from the event date: No fee payable (further than the £50 booking fee)

Between 61 and 90 days before the event: 25% of the balance

Between 31 and 60 days before the event: 50% of the balance

Between 15 and 30 days before the event: 75% of the balance

Within 14 days before the event: 100% of the balance

The Deposit is none refundable and none transferable to another date or venue.

Anything else we should know?

The enclosed photo booth is designed for no more than 4 people at any one time. Guests are expected to respect this, and conduct themselves in a polite and safe manor at all times in and around the photo booth. Anyone acting in an anti-social or dangerous manner, standing on the seat, photo bombing,being abusive to the operator, or causing damage to equipment or props, may result in the photo booth being closed immediately with no refund of any unused time. Guests must not remove any props from the booth area. Any damage to our equipment or props, as a result of misuse by the client or guests, shall be paid for by the client. There must be an adult present to take responsibility for any children using the photo booth.

No Liability

Loss or damage to property owned by those using the photo booth, or personal injury or death of any participants however caused, unless proven negligence of PicBooths.

Use of Images

You agree that all images taken in the photo booth can be uploaded to a web gallery public or private. You grant us permission to use any images for advertising and promotional purposes unless private. We will delete any images deemed to be offensive, or could cause embarrassment to individuals and will remove any picture from our website if requested. If you choose to have images loaded onto our Facebook site you take responsibility for allowing all and any users to upload any images.

Events beyond our control.

PicBooths cannot be held responsible for circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event that are out of our control. If this occurs we will only be liable for refunding the monies paid to us.

We will always try to arrive at the venue location which you provide for the agreed time. Where circumstances make this difficult due to severe traffic delays or vehicle breakdowns, we will extend the time of the hire so that the hire period is the same with respect to the booking made by you. If this is not possible we will refund you according to the amount of time delayed by in proportion to the amount paid.


The client means the person or company or organisation booking the photo booth equipment.

PicBooths is the service provider.


Please note that we are unable to take on events open to the general public in pubs, bars, and nightclubs.

We do not accept liability for any damage caused to personal items and/or clothing while using the photo booth.